We reached out to New Riff about a pick and they had an opening on Feb 20th. We jumped at the opportunity and booked it and quickly gathered a group to go. Now we’re gauging interest in bottles.

Bottles will be available for us to pick up within 30 days of our selection date, so unlike the 1792 and Old Scout bottles, these ones will be here by the end of March. We also know the exact price on the bottles: $57.49 (tax included). These will be barrel-strength bourbon (probably between 110-116 proof based on their other single barrels), with a minimum age of 4 years. The bottles will be labeled with bottle age and our logo on the side label, but New Riff will also engrave our logo on the back of the bottle.

New Riff is sort of unique in that we are only committed to a 1/4 barrel (60 bottles) at this point, but if we decide the barrel is spectacular we can take 1/2 (120 bottles) or the whole thing (~216 bottles).

Provided that New Riff has availability, we can get as many picks as we want during the year, as long as we take a minimum of 1/4 barrel. These picks are all bourbon at this point, but they have a lottery system for rye barrels after we’ve selected a barrel.

We tasted several New Riff Single Barrels at the impromptu meeting last week, and they were all delicious and unique. Let us know how many bottles you would be interested in from this pick.

Example New Riff Label
Example New Riff Engraving
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