Sign Up For Woodford Bottles Now

Sign Up for Woodford Bottles is live now. Please signup and let us know how many bottles you’d like. We are doing signups early this time to be able to gauge interest and pick the best option. Signup by clicking here! Why are we signing up for bottles before they’re here?  We need your help picking out the best option for the group. Woodford offers two products: 1L bottles of Woodford Bourbon, or 750 mL bottles of Woodford Double Oaked Bourbon. Signing up for bottles now helps us decide which option to go with! Additionally, signing up early ensures the demand is there for the bourbon, so the people who pay for the bottles are not stuck with leftover bottles of bourbon the members don’t want.  What happens if I don’t sign up but want bottles later, when they arrive?  Depending on the results of signups, some bottles might be left unclaimed. If that’s the case, there will be follow up emails asking for  additional signups. If all bottles are claimed and spoken for, you will have to contact a member who is willing to give up his allocation. Don’t delay, SIGN UP NOW! Do I pay now?  No. Bottle Read more…

Survey Results

Albeit late, the survey results are in. If you are curious how the members have voted, visit Barrel Interest Site to view results. Stay tuned for the drawings of the lucky members who will win the bottle of whiskey for submitting the entries!

Answer Questions, Win Whiskey

All, Help us choose the next barrel. The Barrel Interest survey is up and closes May 28th. In order to access the survey, make sure you’re logged in, and go to Signup/Surveys->Barrel Interest. Or click here. Be sure to let us know the number of bottles you’re interested in (to gauge demand) as well as your interest (to gauge priority). One lucky entrant will be drawn to win a bottle of Starlight Double Oaked CWS Pick. Also, if you’re not already there, be sure to join our discord server to talk about all things whiskey and more. You can join the discord server by clicking here. Answer the questions and help us decide the next barrel pick!

New Year, New Riff

We reached out to New Riff about a pick and they had an opening on Feb 20th. We jumped at the opportunity and booked it and quickly gathered a group to go. Now we’re gauging interest in bottles. Bottles will be available for us to pick up within 30 days of our selection date, so unlike the 1792 and Old Scout bottles, these ones will be here by the end of March. We also know the exact price on the bottles: $57.49 (tax included). These will be barrel-strength bourbon (probably between 110-116 proof based on their other single barrels), with a minimum age of 4 years. The bottles will be labeled with bottle age and our logo on the side label, but New Riff will also engrave our logo on the back of the bottle. New Riff is sort of unique in that we are only committed to a 1/4 barrel (60 bottles) at this point, but if we decide the barrel is spectacular we can take 1/2 (120 bottles) or the whole thing (~216 bottles). Provided that New Riff has availability, we can get as many picks as we want during the year, as long as we take a Read more…

2022 Xmas Advent Calendar

Day Whiskey 1 Name: The Balvenie DoubleWood 12yrStyle: ScotchPrice: $44.90Proof: 86Age: 12Additional Info: Matured in Traditional Whisky Oak Casks and European Oak Sherry Casks 2 Name: Old Forester 1920Style: BourbonPrice: $43.41Proof: 115 3 Name: Starlight Cigar BatchStyle: Finished BourbonPrice: $82.00Proof: 106Age: 4.5Additional Info: Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Brazilian Amburana Barrels 4 Name: George Dickel BIBStyle: BourbonPrice: $50.00Proof: 100Age: 11Additional Info: Distilling Season – Fall 2008 5 Name: Knob Creek Single Barrel Select RyeStyle: RyePrice: $37.00Proof: 115Age: 6Additional Info: Whse L, Floor 3, Rick 025 6 Name: Kentucky Owl 11yrStyle: Rye WhiskeyPrice: $200.00Proof: 101.8Age: 11Additional Info: Batch no. 2, bottled 03/2018 7 Name: Glenmorangie 14yr Port Cask FinishStyle: Finished ScotchPrice: $44.90Proof: 92Age: 14Additional Info: Aged in American Oak Bourbon Casks, Finished in Fine Ruby Port Casks 8 Name: Glenlivet 12yr Double OakStyle: ScotchPrice: $38.17Proof: 80Age: 12Additional Info: Matured in European Oak and American Oak Casks 9 Name: Rossville Union Rural Inn PickStyle: RyePrice: $42.79Proof: 119.2Age:Additional Info: Rural Inn #1 95RYE 5BM, 2021 Selection 10 Name: Buffalo Trace BR Store PickStyle: BourbonPrice: $30.00Proof: 90Additional Info: Big Red Single Barrel Pick, Warehouse P, Rick 31, Barrel 196 11 Name: Bardstown Fusion SeriesStyle: BourbonPrice: $48.00Proof: 94.9Additional Info: Fusion Series #4 12 Name: Stellum BourbonStyle: Read more…

CWS Meeting 04/20/2022

After a long hiatus, the CWS members met again in order to try some fine spirits and share stories. One of the main events of the meeting was the ‘Blind Rye Tasting’ put together by Sasha. Here are some notes from the tasting as well as the reveal: Sample A Andrew C: “Not hot, definitely rye.” Chris P: “Run of the mill rye. Possibly Old Forrester, maybe Few?” Nick: “Smell is malt, taste is rye.” Sample B Chris P: “Watery, not a strong Rye. Basil Haydens?” Sasha: “Falls of mid palate.” Nick A: “Something is off, maybe dish soap? Can’t smell anything because of cigarette/cigar smoke!” Sample C Nick A: “I get something but not rye. Smells like candy necklace.” Chris P: “Tastes heavenly and worm. A little more oaky. I think this is Bulleit.” Andrew C: “Tasty!” Sample D Nick A: “Nose on OWA. Good. Cherry, don’t know what it is but I like it a lot, maybe Anise. Not a MGP rye, possibly Michter’s?” Chris P: “Yes, but sharper on the nose. Bulleit, switch previous sample guess to Michter’s.” Andrew: “Cherry, tastes good.” Sample E Chris P: “Brighter smell. Notes of mint, sharp. Old Forrester or Few.” During Read more…

Starlight Picks Coming Soon, Sign Up Now!

All, the Starlight picks will be coming soon. Missed the picks? Read about the experience here. The estimated quantity and pricing for the picks is as follows: Starlight Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey – $44 – Estimated Qty Available: 209 bottles. Starlight Double Oaked Bourbon Whiskey – $57 – Estimated Qty Available: 138 Bottles. Signup for Bottles Below!!!! Oh, and here are the pictures of the labels that will be on the bottles, with custom CWS logo! 03/23/2022 Edited the price based on the final invoice price. Price also communicated in newsletter. Edited the final bottle count based on invoice.

Starlight Pick

Member of the CWS have recently completed another barrel pick. Read more about it HERE. Also, be on the lookout for the signups for the bottles. This time around we should have about 200 bottles of bourbon and around 130 bottles of Double Oaked Bordeaux Finished Bourbon, all coming in short 12 weeks.

OLD 55 is HERE!!!

Old 55 bottles are here!!! The signup will close at the end of the day tomorrow, so if you would like to secure the bottle ensure your name is on the list. This time Steve Corbin will be distributing the bottles. If you have signed up please make sure to pay him ($65 a bottle). If you don’t remember how many bottles you signed up for visit the signup page.