Monday 9/27 730pm
Crane Whiskey Society Crane Whiskey Society
Crane Whisk(e)y Society

CWS Meeting at Andrew Christianson's house starting at 7:30 on Monday 9/27

You are invited to CWS September

Sit on Andrew's porch and drink Nick's bourbon.  Bring some to share if you can.  Cigars also welcome.  Park in the driveway or by the camper in the back.  

I plan to have a few bottles of the new Knob pick on hand if you still need to pickup as well so make sure you've paid Nathan and let us know if you want your bottles tomorrow evening.

7950 W Elwren Rd, Bloomington, IN 47403

Park anywhere in the green.  Call/text 815-218-6479 if you need anything.

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